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Meet the team

We remain an approachable and adaptable organisation with 50 + full time employees based across the UK. This enables us flexibility and scale to address the everyday accessibility challenges faced by our partner organisations.

Meet some of our team below

Photo of Dr Gregory Burke MA (Cantab.) MPhil. PhD

Dr Gregory Burke MA (Cantab.) MPhil. PhD

Founded AccessAble: 2000

Position: Founder and Chair

Described by Cranfield MBA magazine as 'one of the UK's leading social entrepreneurs’ Gregory founded and grew AccessAble into the country’s leading access information resource.

He combines his role as Chair with his position as Head of Employment Law at a leading London’s barristers’ chambers; a position usually reserved for barristers of 15 years’ experience or more. In 2019 he won the prestigious Chambers & Partners UK Bar award for "an outstanding contribution to Equality and Inclusion" and was identified as a "Future Leader of the Bar".

Gregory regularly appears in national news and discussion programmes, including BBC Breakfast, The Financial Times and Radio 4. An inspirational speaker, Gregory has given speeches and chaired events for a host of organisations, including government departments. The peer directories comment on his "superb knowledge" of discrimination law.

In 2019 Gregory was named as one of the top 10 most influential disabled people in the UK, on the Shaw Trust #DisabilityPowerList100. He was listed again in 2020 and again in 2021.

Photo of Anna Nelson

Anna Nelson

Joined AccessAble: 2004

Position: Chief Executive

Anna leads the AccessAble team to deliver our mission and live our values. She has overall responsibility for implementing our strategy and delivering success.

Anna joined AccessAble having grown up as a young carer. During her time at AccessAble Anna has worked in every area of the business with a particular passion for customer success and end user engagement. She is heavily involved in product development and identifying future partnerships.

Anna has been the Project Director for a range of landmark initiatives across AccessAble’s client portfolio, including members of the FTSE 250. Anna has a personal passion for improving patient experience and works closely with some of England’s largest and most prestigious NHS Trusts.

Photo of David Livermore

David Livermore

Joined AccessAble: 2015

Position: Director

David is passionate about supporting our clients on their accessibility journey. He is responsible for identifying new opportunities and working with our clients to provide innovative products and service.

David has developed bespoke services to support our partners across the public and private. His experiences include working with Tesco, Russell Group universities, TUI and the Crown Estate on projects encompassing cruise ships, to football stadia, to office developments and open spaces.

David has been involved in some of AccessAble’s most complex projects around place making and public realm. He has a natural ability to understand, manage and inspire multiple stakeholders to work collaboratively.

Photo of Karen Ross

Karen Ross

Joined AccessAble: 2004

Position: Head of Consultancy

Karen has led on the development of our Consultancy programmes for the last 13 years. She has 30 years of experience across sectors and has worked on projects of national importance. Karen has also worked directly with local authorities in both Planning and Building Control Departments.

She is a member of NRAC and has an MSc in Inclusive Design and a PgC in Accessible Environments. Karen has a reputation nationally for her attention to detail and her ability to offer practical solutions to difficult problems. Karen has worked with organisations as varied as Turner Contemporary, Rangers Football Club, Marella Cruises and Health Education England.

Photo of Janet Jones

Janet Jones

Joined AccessAble: 2010

Position: Access Consultant

Janet has a passion for inclusivity and over 30 years’ experience in design and construction. She qualified and worked as an architect, moving on to developing social housing before specialising in accessible and inclusive design. She has recently become a Consultant member of the National Register of Access Consultants. She has worked on a host of complex projects including public realm audits in Regent Street, Sloane Street, the King’s Road, and Angel Islington. Janet has also offered advice and guidance, including access audits and design reviews, to a variety of local authorities, education and transport providers, NHS trusts and major commercial landlords.

Photo of Barbara Harrison

Barbara Harrison

Joined AccessAble: 2013

Position: Access Consultant

Barbara has an MA in Inclusive Design and worked as a local authority access officer for over 10 years prior to joining AccessAble. Her experience in access and inclusion spans over 40 years and includes everything from access auditing to equality training. Barbara has been involved in projects across AccessAble’s portfolio. Her experience as a councillor, occupational therapist and trade union representative gives her a wealth of knowledge, particularly relevant to local authorities and NHS trusts.

Photo of Richard Beaty

Richard Beaty

Joined AccessAble: 2006

Position: Head of Surveying

Richard trains, manages and develops a UK wide team of 30 surveyors. He plans, executes, manages and measures the delivery of approximately 300 surveying projects each year, encompassing around 20,000 individual surveys.

Richard is an expert in developing data collection templates and devising ways to present data for public and/or client consumption. This has included creating a programme of over 2,000 venue surveys for an individual client completed in 9 months. As well as a survey programme for Transport for London, recognised publicly by the Deputy Mayor of London.

Photo of Kyle Waston

Kyle Watson

Joined AccessAble: 2009

Position: Head of Quality

Kyle manages our quality assurance team. He also specialises in the delivery of bespoke projects – leading on the organisation’s work for partners such as Alton Towers and Marella Cruises. Kyle oversees all aspects of our quality assurance processes, accredited through ISO 9001.

Kyle’s team reviews up to 20,000 different venue surveys each year, where they are responsible for ensuring a consistent approach to meeting our highest standards of quality.

Photo of Carrie-Ann Lightley

Carrie-Ann Lightley

Joined AccessAble: 2018

Position: Head of Marketing

Carrie-Ann Lightley leads our marketing team and is one of the UK’s leading accessible travel bloggers.

Carrie-Ann has responsibility for the management and development of the AccessAble brand. This includes the creation of inspirational, SEO relevant content and developing collaborative partnerships to increase the reach of our service. In addition, Carrie – Ann has established the highly successful AccessAble Ambassadors influencer network.

Carrie-Ann is a member of England's Inclusive Tourism Action Group and Manchester Airport's Accessibility Forum. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, Carrie-Ann was named as one of the top 100 most influential disabled people in the UK, on the Shaw Trust #DisabilityPowerList100.

Photo of Dean Eales

Dean Eales

Joined AccessAble: 2012

Position: Head of Partnerships

Dean leads our team of 8 Partnerships Managers who work with our clients to deliver projects and maximise ROI. Dean oversees 350 + client relationships and personally manages projects for our enterprise clients.

His work to date has seen him deliver our service for Tesco, Crown Estates, ODEON and some of the largest NHS trusts in the country. His team deliver a 95% + renewal rate and have been recognised by ISO for their client centric approach.

Dean and his team lead AccessAble’s user engagement activity, which sees us attend 150 + events a year to listen and act on feedback from 1,000s of disabled people.