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Extensive Experience

We work with 350 + clients across the public and private sectors. We take the time to know our clients and tailor our service to them.

We can help with one-off capital development programmes, but most of our partners retain us as their go-to consultants for all things access.

Over our 20-year history we have retained over 95% of our clients, the majority working with us for 10 + years.

The majority of our consultants and surveyors have 10 + years’ experience, including local authority planning, occupational health, training, employment law and tourism.

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Significant Scale

Our full-time team of 45 surveyors and access consultants mean we can give dedicated focus to help you achieve your aims.

We have helped 100 + local authorities, 100 + universities, 90 + NHS trusts and 100 + private sector businesses.

Our clients include a property management company with over 3,000 properties across the UK, some of the UK’s largest councils, major high street retailers, UK supermarkets, leading hotels, England’s largest hospitals and the UK’s most prestigious universities.

To date our team have assessed 125,000 + sites, with the capacity to survey 20,000 venues each year.

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Depth of Data

Our surveys capture 1,000s of pieces of data and 100s of photographs, all to ISO9001 standards.

All reporting work references BS8300:2018, complimented by extensive knowledge of the Equality Act (2010) and other relevant legislation. We have worked with over 1500 groups of disabled people to ensure our access guides capture what disabled people need to know about a venue before they go.

Our support considers ‘access and disability’ from lots of different perspectives. As well as mobility impairments, we carefully convey access on a pan-disability basis: learning disability, sensory impairment, dementia, mental health and more.

Our website www.AccessAble.co.uk was used by over 5 million people in 2022, every aspect has been developed with disabled people. Every year AccessAble attends 150 + engagement events to listen to feedback from 100s of disabled people.

This is why clients trust us to communicate their offer to the UK’s 16 million disabled people, to ensure they maximise ROI for improvement work by accessing the Purple Pound (£249bn per year).